the electric shooting brake

From dream to realisation

Based on the Tesla Model S, the shooting brake was commissioned by Dutchman Floris de Raadt, an avid fan of shooting brakes and early adopter of full electric driving since 2008.

Designed by London based Niels van Roij Design, the car was built by renowned coach builder RemetzCar in The Netherlands. The unique green colour has been developed especially for the owner. The result is stunning and has attracted attention among car enthusiastics across the globe.


Our aim was to translate the Model S into a dynamic and sporty yet elegant Shooting Brake. The chosen design called ‘Bold Chrome’, featuring remarkable high gloss chrome window trims emphasizing the bold dynamic lines of the car. The result is truly stunning.


The coach built car also received various unique interior upgrades, ranging from a tailor made cargo cover, a colour coordinated steering wheel to various ‘easter egg’ features such as the green glove box interior.

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Prices (in euros, excl. 21% VAT)

Basic conversion Shooting Brake | € 165.555,-

Rear window wiper | € 4.072,-

Rear window washer | € 958,-

Cargo cover | € 3.354,-

Bold Chrome trim | € 6.654,-

Many other customised options and body colours available


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or phone number +31650500968

partners in realisation

Designed by

Niels van Roij Design, London

Developed by

Renowned coach builder RemetzCar

dreamed & invested by

Floris de Raadt, Elipo